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Can you resume work and maintain your SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Social security disability benefits may provide reassuring support when your injury prevents you from working. As a recipient of SSD benefits in Missouri, you have the right to continue receiving your benefits even if you decide to start working again.

Understanding the incentives for returning to work can prepare you to resume your job. Beginning work without properly notifying the Social Security Administration may prematurely end your benefits.

Trial period

You may face hesitation about returning to work because of doubts that you can perform the responsibilities you once did. For this reason, the Social Security Administration allows you a trial period when you return to work. Your trial will last a minimum of nine months and give you a chance to assess your ability to work, as well as the condition of your skills. During this time, you remain eligible to receive maximum benefits.

The SSA also provides an incentive for you if your disability requires modifications or additional resources to help you perform your job safely and effectively. Depending on your condition and the requirements for your job, approval of your request may provide you with ongoing support and assistance to pay for needed resources.

Healing process

Overcoming an injury and learning to live with a disability will bring unprecedented challenges. However, with adequate support from people who care about you, you may effectively navigate your condition and continue to thrive. Throughout your healing, you may find it is no longer necessary to receive SSD benefits. Regardless of your decision, keep the SSA informed of your intentions so you can prevent penalties for the continuation of benefits after the period of eligibility.


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