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Overcoming the stigma of disability benefits

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | Social Security Disability

When some people think about applying for Social Security Disability benefits, they have anxiety and hesitance because of the stigma that surrounds these benefits (at least in some social circles). Some people are jealous of those who receive disability benefits or wrongly believe that most of those on disability are simply lazy and do not want to work. This is not true in most instances and workers are unable to perform their job duties as a result of many different physical and even mental challenges.

If you have a friend, family member or someone else in your life who is not supportive of your decision to move forward with a disability application, disregard negative and even hurtful things they say and focus on your best interests. Sometimes, it is necessary to cut contact with individuals altogether as a result of their hurtful comments and lack of support. Moreover, some people feel hesitant to apply for disability because of the negative things they have read online or heard in the community, even though those in their personal lives are very supportive.

Unfortunately, some people choose not to pursue benefits that they are entitled to and resources that they desperately need because of others’ opinions. This often leads to unnecessary hardships, such as the inability to pay bills and buy food. Those who have a significant disability that leaves them unable to work need to take their situation seriously and explore all of the options that are on the table. Our blog covers many other topics related to applying for disability and securing benefits.


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