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Cancer sufferers may qualify for Compassionate Allowance

National Cancer Survivors Day took place earlier in June, and it serves as a good reminder that many people all across the nation are battling this disease and winning. Still, such battles come at a cost, both physically and financially. Cancer itself is a serious disease, and even treating cancer can make a person feel very ill for an extended period of time. This can lead to financial difficulties, especially when the medical bills pile up and a person cannot work for a year or more or if the illness is projected to be fatal.

The Social Security Administration recognizes that those who are battling cancer may be in need of financial help. Those fighting cancer may choose to seek Social Security disability benefits. And, depending on the type of cancer they suffer from, they may qualify for a Compassionate Allowance.

Compassionate Allowances are cases where the applicant’s illness is so great that it will very likely meet the requirements for SSD benefits. Therefore, the applicant’s case will be expedited. A person does not need to file any separate paperwork to for consideration for a Compassionate Allowance.

Cancer has touched the lives of many in Missouri. Some people suffer from the disease, and many know of someone who has. While sometimes cancer is terminal, other times a person may be able to go into remission through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and other treatments. However, just as the disease itself is debilitating, so too are the treatments cancer sufferers undergo. A person with cancer may not be able to go back to work for a long time, if ever. This can be very taxing financially. Fortunately, SSD benefits may be an option to help some cancer sufferers out financially, so they can focus their energy on fighting this disease.


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