Helping The Disabled And Injured In
Missouri Get The Support They Deserve

Representing Missourians with chronic pain

A previous post on this blog discussed how Boone County, Missouri residents who live both in Columbia and in the rural parts of the area may find it hard to get Social Security disability benefits for their chronic pain.

Even though chronic pain is a medically diagnosed condition, it can be difficult to prove one is entitled to benefits, in part because the condition is mysterious, and doctors do not yet fully understand its physical cause.

Those who suffer chronic pain to such an extent that they cannot work should not despair, however, as it is possible to get SSDI or SSI benefits, although it might take a little legwork. In this respect, our law office is adept at guiding our clients through the process and efforts it takes in order to get benefits so that our clients can focus on rebuilding their lives after an injury or illness leaves to chronic and untreatable pain.

Specifically, we recognize how important it is for the medical records and other documents show how one’s chronic pain is not going to go away and does keep a person from being able to maintain gainful employment. While of course we cannot tell a doctor or other medical professional or expert what to say, we are good at connecting our clients with the right resources and help ask the right questions.

Our goal is to make sure the Social Security Administrative or administrative law judge gets and accurate and full picture of our patient’s condition. We have achieved this goal for our clients who suffer chronic pain many times, and we will employ the same knowledge and experience in our effort to get similar results for our future clients.


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