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Former workers facing financial drain while awaiting SSD appeals

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2017 | Social Security Disability

With the backlog of disability cases showing no sign of slowing down, many workers across the country, and no doubt in Boone County, Missouri, must wake up to the reality that they will face a financial drain while they are trying to collect benefits after filing their Social Security Disability (SSD) claims. With many, if not most, people getting their initial claims for benefits denied and with the appeal process taking months

The people who are facing these sorts of dilemmas are not always used to poverty and financial struggles. In many cases, they are people who were doing well financially and working in high-paying jobs until they got hurt or sick and could no longer work.

Those who are in the know about the situation say that, at this point, there is simply no way for the Social Security Administration to re-organize its way out of this backlog or simply to be more efficient in order to clear it or, at least, keep it from getting worse. They say that Congress simply has to make the decision to allot more funding for the hiring of additional administrative law judges who can hear administrative appeals.

Perhaps the best way for a Missourian to avoid the backlog at this stage is to do their best to make sure their initial application gets accepted. However, even with the help of an attorney, sometimes it is almost inevitable that an application will be denied and an appeal will be necessary. Fortunately, there may be some helpful techniques a person can use to expedite his or her appeal.

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