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Disability benefits for liver disease

When a Columbia, Missouri, resident thinks of liver disease, the first thing that might come to their mind is alcoholism. While it is true that drinking too much alcohol can over time cause medical problems with the liver, it is not the only reason people develop liver disease.

Moreover, even for those who may have struggled to control their alcohol consumption, disability benefits through the Social Security Administration are usually awarded without regard to fault, although it is possible a person may be expected to go and get treatment.

There are in fact many causes of liver disease. For instance, a virus like hepatitis can damage the liver. In some cases, a person’s own immune system can malfunction and affect the function of the liver. On a similar note, a liver problem can be the first sign of a serious cancer. In other cases, liver disease is simply genetic; a person was born with a condition that may lead to the liver not working properly in later life. Finally, some people have a tendency to accumulate fat in their livers even though they do not drink heavily.

As liver disease develops, a person’s medical condition can become quite serious and, at its end stages, can even cause a person’s death. The liver is, after all, a vital organ necessary for people to digest their food. Not surprisingly, many people are not able to work in their current jobs or anything related to their profession, sometimes just because they have to focus exclusively on getting treatment for their liver.

People with a liver condition in Boone County should not hesitate to explore their legal options with respect to filing SSD claims. After all, liver conditions can qualify a person for disability benefits, even if the reason for the liver condition happens to be private and somewhat embarrassing. At our law office, we aggressively pursue such Social Security claims, but we do so with the utmost sensitivity and respect.


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