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The problem with pain in SSD claims

One of the most frustrating things a Columbia, Missouri resident can face in life is a serious medical condition that has no apparent cause. Chronic pain is one such medical condition. A person feels it acutely and may not be able to work or even do much more than get out of bed because of it, yet neither “pain” nor the cause thereof is going to show up on any medical or laboratory test.

There two things Boone County residents should remember about severe and chronic pain. The first is that while the condition is hard to pinpoint and largely mysterious, it is not all make believe or the result of excuses made by someone who does not want to work. Many experts believe that chronic pain can be traces back to problems with the way one’s nerves transmit signals. An injury, even a relatively minor one that heals quickly, can cause or aggravate these problems.

Although chronic pain is a real condition which really can limit Missourians’ ability to work, it is also difficult to file successful SSD claims to get disability payments for severe pain. However, it is important to remember that it is possible to get benefits, as the Social Security Administration will in the right cases recognize pain as a disabling condition. Of course, the trick is to prove with medical evidence that chronic pain is keeping a person out of the workforce altogether.

In addition to making sure he or she has a good track record documenting the work and opinions of medical professionals, it is also a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced and knowledgeable Social Security attorney to see a disability claim for chronic pain to its conclusion. Doing so may allow one to get the disability benefits he or she needs so he or she can focus on recovery without having a bunch of financial problems to deal with as a result of being out of work.


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