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Even a minor brain injury can be a huge problem

Many residents of Columbia, Missouri and outer Boone Country probably recognize that a person who has suffered a severe brain injury and is comatose or unable to perform basic life functions is disabled. However, what some Columbia residents might not fully appreciate is that even what experts call a mild of moderate traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can potentially give rise to successful SSD claims.

For instance, according to the Mayo Clinic, a so-called mild TBI can initially leave a person unconscious for a few minutes and suffering from a headache or stomach upset. While these are not necessarily conditions that keep a person from working, other, longer term affects can include serious fatigue, dizziness, problems with one’s senses, and difficulty remembering and focusing.

Changes in one’s ability to balance, as well as the loss of control of one’s mood, are also possible symptoms of a clinically mild brain injury. These conditions, especially if they manifest themselves together, can make it very difficult for a person to continue working.

Moreover, even a moderate brain injury can cause a person to have stroke-like symptoms, such as speech that is slurred or loss of motion in one’s extremities. A person can also experience seizures as well as severe headaches. A person’s mental faculties, including one’s emotions, can be profoundly affected.

Even what doctor’s call a mild injury can put a Boone County resident out of the workforce. For such people, help may be available through Social Security disability programs. For victims of a brain injury, even one that occurs by accident and is no one’s fault, Social Security can offer a regular stream of income that can help a victim cover his or her lost wages and other expenses.


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