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Can a repetitive motion injury qualify me for disability?

A repetitive motion injury can affect Boone County residents with little regard to what occupation they work in. For example, carpal tunnel syndrome can have a profound impact on an office worker’s ability to type, making it difficult if not impossible for him or her to perform the basic tasks of a job.

Although repetitive motion injuries can affect many parts of the body, there are only two basic types of them. The first type, tendonitis, involves the inflammation of a person’s tendons, which one can think of as strings which join one’s muscles to his or her bones. The other type is called bursitis, which involves the inflammation of one of several fluid sacs we all have near our joints which prevent bones from rubbing up against each other without padding.

Both types of repetitive motion injuries can cause a great deal of pain and swelling in the affect area, which could make it hard if not impossible for a person to keep working in their chosen occupation. In severe cases, they can make it hard for a person to move the affected body part and could even prevent a person from doing basic life functions.

Fortunately, a Missouri resident with a severe repetitive motion injury can apply for and receive Social Security disability benefits, provided that they are unable to work and otherwise qualify. SSD claims of this type can be difficult to prove, however, especially since the injury by definition happens over time instead of one single instance. It therefore may be advisable for someone thinking about applying for disability to discuss the matter with an experienced attorney.


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