Helping The Disabled And Injured In
Missouri Get The Support They Deserve

Proving your injury for SSD benefits

In many cases, it may be clear that a Boone County, Missouri resident has suffered an injury, but not entirely clear how severe the injury is. After all, some people may experience gradual wear and tear injuries on their bodies that leave them in a lot of pain, but with no visible symptoms. Others may not realize the full impact of an injury until well after the fact, as symptoms can show up or get worse over time.

These sorts of injuries are difficult because of the fact that they are hard to prove when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. The applicant will no doubt have significant medical expenses and, presumably, will be in too much pain to work. The problem is, other than their own statements and possibly a doctor’s opinion, there will just be no way to communicate the level of their pain to the Social Security Administration easily.

Especially after a denied claim for benefits, our law office attempts to help victims of chronic pain or other related injuries get the benefits they will likely need to continue to get by with their finances. In addition to helping our clients navigate the oftentimes complicated Social Security Disability application and appeal process, we also do our best to be advocates for disabled Missouri residents.

We use our knowledge of the application and appeals process to help our clients try to prepare a convincing case that explains and illustrates the extent of their pain and other symptoms so that the Administrative Law Judge hearing the case will realize that the client is really unable to work. Although we cannot promise success without knowing the specific facts of a case, we have successfully helped people who are suffering from chronic pain and other hard to prove injuries get the benefits they need.


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