Helping The Disabled And Injured In
Missouri Get The Support They Deserve

Helping injured workers make up for lost wages

Aside from the pain and suffering and the medical expenses, one of the biggest stresses Columbia, Missouri, residents might face because of a serious work-related or other injury is lost wages. Such occurrences are never expected, but unfortunately they can happen. If the injury leaves a person permanently unable to work, the financial consequences can be devastating.

Although some injuries may be the responsibility of an employer or negligent party to pay for, in many cases, there is either simply not enough money available to cover all losses or the injury simply does not qualify. In these types of cases, Social Security disability benefits may be an injured person’s only hope for replacement income, unless of course the person was also carrying private insurance.

Our law office has helped injured workers dealing with a variety of trauma and conditions that resulted from workplace or other accidents. We have knowledge of how to help people with serious head or brain injuries as well as neck or back injuries up to and including paralysis of some sort.

We understand what medical information and other documentation the Social Security Administration wants before determining that a person is disabled and entitled to benefits. We know the review process and how to best prepare an application to seek much needed benefits. Although a particular outcome cannot be ensured in every case, we do have the knowledge, experience and work ethic to move our clients through each step of the process in the hopes that they will be able to get the benefits they both need and deserve.


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