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My SSDI application was turned down. What do I do next?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Social Security Disability

Since the Social Security Administration turns down most initial applications for Social Security Disability benefits, many people who believe they are deserving of benefits are left unsure what to do. Some start over and apply again, hoping for a better result this time.

This is unlikely to succeed, but there is a better way. Instead of trying the same thing twice, an appeal for reconsideration has a better chance of leading to SSD benefits being approved.

“Reconsideration” is the second step SSA makes available for rejected SSD applicants. The agency gives applicants 60 days after receiving notice that it has rejected their claim to file for reconsideration. As the term implies, reconsideration is an appeal that asks SSA to give your case another look, to see if it made a mistake the first time.

The same office that handled the initial application will also perform the reconsideration, but a new examiner will be involved. This gives your case a new set of eyes, which could catch something the initial examiner missed.

In addition, if you left out vital information in your initial application, you may add this evidence to your application at the reconsideration stage. You may also update evidence of your condition from your doctor, if there have been changes, as well as any treatments you have undergone and any work you have performed, if any.

Reconsideration usually does not result in a reversal, but this is only the first level of appeal available to disabled Missourians. Your SSD attorney can help you continue the fight if reconsideration does not work.


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