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St. Louis girl with Down Syndrome to model for clothing company

Many teenagers dream of becoming a fashion model. Unfortunately, for teens living with disabilities like Down syndrome, that goal may be difficult to reach, as it is rare for clothing companies to feature models with physical or mental conditions. But one young woman from Missouri successfully used social media to prove her determination — and chops — and got herself a modeling gig.

The girl was described as an aspiring model in a news report. Her goal was to get a shoot with Wet Seal, a company that recently began a line of plus sized clothing. To get the company’s attention, the girl started a Facebook page.

The page stated her case for becoming a Wet Seal model. The page notes that their plus size clothing are “a great fit and fashion for girls with Down syndrome.” Taking a cue from Wet Seal’s mission statement, the page says that the teen “fits in while standing out!”

As the page began garnering “likes,” Wet Seal recently took notice. The company contacted her and said that if she got 10,000 likes by the end of the week, it would give her “something very special.”

She made that goal and then some, getting more than 14,000 Facebook likes by the deadline. In return, Wet Seal invited her to California for a photo shoot. In making the announcement, the CEO said the teen “has inspired all of us here at Wet Seal” with her passion for clothing and modeling.

While some people with disabilities may not be able to work, this story may show how they can pursue their dreams with enough determination.

Source: Disability Scoop, “With Facebook Support, Teen With Down Syndrome Lands Photo Shoot,” Michelle Diament, Aug. 20, 2013


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