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Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries Archives

Understanding what to include in an appeal for disability

The importance of Social Security disability benefits cannot be overstated for many disabled individuals. A denial of benefits can threaten the ability of disabled residents in Missouri and elsewhere to attend to their everyday needs. Because of this, it is important to be aware that when Social Security disability or SSD benefits have been denied, an SSD appeals process is available.

Does eligibility for SSDI benefits require a workplace injury?

Many people in Missouri who suffer disabling injuries are unsure if they can obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. Often, this uncertainty is caused by confusion between the state's workers' compensation system and the federal program for SSD claims. This post will provide an overview of differences between eligibility under the two programs.

SSDI benefits for paralysis

Among the most severe injuries suffered by people in Missouri are injuries to the spine and brain. The Social Security Administration has adopted regulations that prescribe the conditions under which such injuries may allow victims to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. This post will summarize those provisions.

Helping injured workers make up for lost wages

Aside from the pain and suffering and the medical expenses, one of the biggest stresses Columbia, Missouri, residents might face because of a serious work-related or other injury is lost wages. Such occurrences are never expected, but unfortunately they can happen. If the injury leaves a person permanently unable to work, the financial consequences can be devastating.

Social Security Disability benefits for back pain

Many people in Missouri who suffer from back pain may wonder if they are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits for their injury. The answer depends upon whether the person’s work history and medical condition satisfy the many eligibility requirements for disability benefits. There are certain medical requirements for obtaining disability benefits based on a spine injury.

The basis of Social Security disability benefits

Citizens of Missouri are eligible to receive government benefits from the Social Security Administration if an injury has made it impossible for them to work. The rule is easy to state, but knowing whether and how it applies to an individual's unique situation is not always so simple. A single blog post does not have sufficient room to explain all features of Social Security disability law, but a review of basic principles of SSD claims can be helpful.

Robotic arm allows user to 'feel' things with its hand

Progress continues on the creation of robotic arms that the user can control using his or her mind, according to Tech Insider. These robotic limbs may someday become widely available for people with no or limited use of their arms due to paralysis, amputation or other reason. This could potentially increase their independence and improve their quality of life.

How a car accident can lead to a claim for SSD benefits

When a lot of people think of the word disability, they oftentimes think of conditions or illnesses a person can be born with. But as our frequent visitors know, this isn't always the case. A person can become disabled because of a condition that develops later in life. A person can also become disabled after being involved in a motor vehicle accident as well.

Slipped disk in the spine can force you to stop working

Anyone who has ever suffered a back injury knows how painful and incapacitating it can be. If the injury is serious enough, it can also limit your ability to do your job. It may even get to the point where you must stop working and go on Social Security Disability benefits, at least for a while.

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