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Real people, just like you, waiting on SSD benefits

Everyone has heard the stories of what a nightmare it is to apply and wait for SSD benefits. It's no secret that the process is lengthy and daunting, with many waiting months and even years to get a decision. Many Americans with legitimate claims are being denied benefits, and many continue to await appeals decisions. If you are undertaking this difficulty, know that you are not alone.

What if my disability benefits are being reviewed?

Missourians who have a condition, illness or disability that warrants Social Security disability benefits should be cognizant of the reality that the Social Security Administration will, intermittently, review the disability to determine if the person still qualifies for benefits. Receiving the letter informing you of the disability review might be frightening, but it is not necessarily something to be overly concerned about. Understanding how this process works is essential, especially the reasons why the SSA might stop disability benefits.

What to do if your SSD claim is denied

When you're applying for SSD benefits of course you want the process to be as quick and painless as possible, and you hope that you're application is approved at the initial stage. However, it is quite common that the vast majority of applications for SSD benefits are denied the first time. So, what do you do if your SSD application is denied?

Report shows inconsistence between disability judges

As most residents of Boone County, Missouri, are already aware, many if not most SSD claims for disability benefits will get denied at the outset and will therefore end in the applicant's appeal to an administrative law judge for a hearing.

How to improve your chances for filing a successful SSD claim

It is no secret that applying for social security disability is a complicated, stressful and often unsuccessful process. The majority of claims are denied the first time around, so persistence is key, but the appeals process can be equally lengthy and daunting. So, what are some other ways that you can increase your odds?

Former workers facing financial drain while awaiting SSD appeals

With the backlog of disability cases showing no sign of slowing down, many workers across the country, and no doubt in Boone County, Missouri, must wake up to the reality that they will face a financial drain while they are trying to collect benefits after filing their Social Security Disability (SSD) claims. With many, if not most, people getting their initial claims for benefits denied and with the appeal process taking months

More on long-term disability benefits

A previous post on this blog discussed how not all of our clients, no matter how much they want it and how hard we try on their behalf, are going to qualify for benefits through the Social Security disability programs. As with other areas of the law, sometimes the law, including the federal regulations governing disability, and the facts just aren't going to support one's SSD claim.

Even if Social Security doesn't work out, we can still help

This blog has on many different occasions discussed how our law office works hard to help residents of Columbia and the rest of Boone County who are suffering under all types of disabilities get Social Security benefits. These benefits are often a financial lifeline for our clients, especially since they are unable to work due to the disability.

Can you reduce the appeal wait time for SSD benefits?

A recent previous post here discussed what the Social Security Administration and Congress might do in order to reduce the notoriously long waiting time a disabled person in Boone County, Missouri, will likely face should he or she have to appeal a denial of SSD benefits. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand a disability attorney can wave in order to speed the SSD appeals process up for their clients without fail. Sometimes, it is best just to plan on a long wait to get benefits, since even well-organized and complete applications for benefits get denied frequently.

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