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Disabled man could be evicted if SSI not approved soon

Waiting for the Social Security Administration to award Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income funds for a disability can be frustrating. For some people, their condition or their financial situation can make a long wait virtually impossible.

Scientists announce new, faster method for studying MS cells

Scientists have announced that they have discovered a new way to observe how multiple sclerosis works on the cellular level. By using cells from people with MS, researchers may now be able to “turn back the clock” to observe how the cells develop the disorder. This would make it much easier for researchers to test new treatment and cure options.

Crohn's disease may be hard to talk about, but it's treatable

Many disabilities, such as paralysis and blindness, can be fairly obvious to other people. But there are many disabling conditions that may not appear on the outside. Some of these, like heart disease, are talked about openly by those with the illness. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to some disorders that may hold back many people from receiving treatment and SSDI benefits.

Alcohol may prevent MS, study finds

While excessive drinking is generally unhealthy, moderate alcohol consumption has been found to have some health benefit for people in Columbia, Missouri. Now a study has been published that suggests that drinking may stave off multiple sclerosis, a potentially disabling illness.

Worm larvae may treat Crohn's disease

Though living with Crohn's disease can be unpleasant and painful, the prospect of swallowing worm eggs that hatch in your intestines may seem like an extreme solution. But researchers believe that one type of worm may hold the key to improving an immune system affected by Crohn's disease.

Fibromyalgia and the awful pain it causes is real

Fibromyalgia is an illness that causes terrible pain and fatigue in people suffering from it, but the disease is not as well understood as others. For that reason, fibromyalgia used to be considered by some to be a psychosomatic condition, or only in the patient's mind. But as diagnostic methods have improved, fibromyalgia has moved into the mainstream. For example, a case that forces a sufferer in Columbia to stop working may qualify him or her for Social Security Disability benefits. 

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